What is Group of Seven (G7) ? How It Works

G-7 समूह और भारत

What is G7

The Group of Seven (G7) is a grouping of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These countries, along with the world’s seven largest advanced economies, represent more than 62% of global net wealth.

           The G7 group was founded in 1975. The first meeting of the G7 was held in 1975 but then only 6 countries were involved in it. After Canada’s joining in 1976, now Canada, America, Britain, France, Japan, Germany and Italy are involved in it. Initially Russia was also a part of this organization, but then there was a difference of opinion in the countries about it. Russia annexed Crimea, Ukraine’s Black Sea peninsula, in 2014. Russia was expelled from the group shortly thereafter.

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What does it do?

This Group of Seven (G7) organizes a summit every year, in this conference issues related to human interests are discussed. Each of these countries in turn presides over the meeting and hosts the two-day conference. Representatives of other countries and international organizations are also invited to participate in the summit. So far, many topics such as climate change and HIV AIDS have been discussed in this conference. A notice is issued at the end of the summit, which mentions the agreed points. The group of seven countries calls themselves the ‘Community of Values’. According to this group, freedom and protection of human rights, democracy and the rule of law, prosperity and development are their principles.

India and G7

For the first time India participated in it as a guest in the year 2019. Then this conference was held in France and the country was invited from there. India also could not join the Group of Seven (G7) but now its global identity has increased, and relations with foreign countries have also improved, that is why India has been called in the conference as a guest nation for the last few years.Former US President Donald Trump had appealed to India to join this organization, saying that India emerged as a powerful and influential country in Asia, it should be a member of it.



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