What is Derecho Storm ? डेरेचो तूफान

क्या है वो डेरेचो तूफान, जिससे आरमान का रंग हरा हो जाता है।

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Some states of America, Nebraska, Minnesota and Illinois have been hit by the derecho storm, which turned the sky green.

what is derecho storm:

Derecho is derived from a Spanish word ‘la derecha‘, which means straight, a straight-line storm does not rotate like tornado or cyclone. Whenever this storm occurs, it travels hundreds of miles in a straight line and continues to cover a large area. It is a hot weather phenomenon which occurs in the summer season in early May but mostly it shows its effect only in June and July. 

भारत-पाकिस्तान के बीच सिंधु जल संधि क्या है?

Types of Derecho 

There are three categories of derecho storm- Progressive, Serial and Hybrid 

  1. Progressive:  Storms of this category move in a straight but thin line. These occur mostly in summer.
  2. Serial:    This type of storm moves forward covering a very wide area. Its cases come in early summer.
  3. Hybrid:  This is such a storm in which there are mixed effects of both Progressive and Serial Derecho.           

The color of the sky looks like green:

Due to the storm, the amount of water in the atmosphere increases and when this water comes in contact with the light, then the sky becomes green during the storm. Rain droplets scatter all others except the wavelength of blue. Due to which the blue light penetrates under the storm cloud. Green color appears when this blue light mixes with the red yellow light of the Sun. That’s why the color of the sky turned green due to the storm. 

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