UPSC/SSC G.K. Quiz 20

1. How much time the Constituent Assembly tool to frame the Constitution of India ?
(a) 2 years 7 month 23 days
(b) 2 years 11 months 18 days
(c) 3 years 4 months 14 days
(d) 3 years 11 months 5 days

2. Which of the following countries enjoys a federal form of government ?
(a) China
(b) USA
(c) Cuba
(d) Belgium

3. Where was the first parliamentary form of Government formed ?
(a) Britain
(b) Belgiun
(c) France
(d) Switzerland

4. Which Amendment of the India Constitution inserted the two words-‘Socialist and ‘Secular’ in the preamble ?
(a) 28th
(b) 40th
(c) 42nd
(d) 52nd

5. Par IV of constitution of India deals with:
(a) Fundamental Rights
(b) Citizenship
(c) Directive Principles os State Policy
(d) Union executive

6.The article of Indian Constitution related to abolition of untouchability is-
(a) Article 15
(b) Article 16
(c) Article 17
(d) Article 18

7. Which of the following States is a member of the ‘Seven Sisters’ ?
(a) West Bengal
(b) Tripura
(c) Orissa
(d) Bihar

8. comptroller and Auditor General of India is appointed by-
(a) President
(b) Speaker of the Lok Sabha
(c) Chairman of the Planning Commission
(d) Finance Minister

9. Under which one of the Minsiters of the Government of India does the Food and Nutrition Board work ?
(a) Ministry of Agriculture
(b) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
(c) Ministry of Human Resource Development
(d) Ministry of Rural Development

10.Which non-member can participate in the business of either House of Parliament ?
(a) The Vice President
(b) The Solicitor General
(c) The Attorney General
(d) The Chief Justice of Inida

Answer-1.(b) 2.(b) 3.(a) 4.(c) 5.(c) 6.(c) 7.(b) 8.(a) 9.(c) 10.(c)

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