UPSC/SSC G.K. Politics Quiz 19

1. Which one of the following bills must be passed by each House of the Indian Parliament separately by special majority ?
(a) Ordinary Bill
(b) Money Bill
(c) Finance Bill
(d) Constitutional Amendment Bill

2. Which Article of the Constitution of India deals with the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in connection with Constitutional cases ?
(a) Article 131
(b) Article 132
(c) Article 132 read with Article 134A
(d) Article 133 read with Article 134A

3. Which functionary can be invited to give his opinion in the Parliament ?
(a) Attorney-General of India
(b) Chief Justice of India
(c) Chief Election Commissioner of India
(d) Comptroller and Auditor-General of India

4. What could be the maximum time limit of ‘Zero Hour’ ?
(a) 30 minutes
(b) 1 hour
(c) 2 hour
(d) Indefinite period

5. Which Article of the Constitution provides that it shall be the endeavour of every State To provide adequate facility for instruction in the mother tongue at the primary stage of education ?
(a) Article 349
(b) Article 350
(c) Article 350A
(d) Article 351

6. Which one of the following liberty is not embodied in the Preamble to the Constitution of India ?
(a) Liberty of thought
(b) Liberty of Expression
(c) Liberty of Belief
(d) Economic Liberty

7. The Opposition party status is accorded to a political Party in the Lok Sabha only if it capture at least:
(a) 5% seats
(b) 10% seats
(c) 15% seats
(d) 20% seats

8. Which one of the following provisions of the Indian Constitution deals with the appointment and dismissed
of the Council of Ministers :
(a) Article 70
(b) Article 72
(c) Article 74
(d) Article 75

9. Through which one of the following were commercial activities of the East
India Company finally put to an end ?
(a) The Charter Act of 1793
(b) The Charter Act of 1813
(c) The Charter Act of 1833
(d) The Charter Act of 1853

10.How many schedules the Constitution of India contains ?
(a) 9
(b) 10
(c) 11
(d) 12

Answer- 1.(d) 2.(c) 3.(a) 4.(b) 5.(c) 6.(d) 7.(b) 8.(d) 9.(c) 10.(d)




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