UPSC/SSC G.K. History Quiz 5

1. The Bahmani Kingdom was founded in the year-
(a) 1936
(b) 1338
(c) 1347
(d) 1361
1. (c)

2. Who was the founder of the sufi order in India ?
(a) Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti
(b) Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki
(c) Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya
(d) Shaikh Nasiruddin Mahmud
2. (a)

3. Which one of the following terms is NOT associated with the Mughals ?
(a) Dam
(b) jagir
(c) Jital
(d) Mansab
3. (c)

4. Who was called Zinda Pir (living saint) in Mughal India ?
(a) Akbar
(b) Aurangzeb
(c) Shahjahan
(d) Jahngir
4. (b)

5. Who was the Mughal Emperor to have lifted the Jaziya on Hindus ?
(a) Babur
(b) Akbar
(c) Jahangir
(d) Shajahan
5. (b)

6. The french East India Company was formed in-
(a) 1600
(b) 1660
(c) 1664
(d) 1668
6. (c)

7. Who amongst the following organised Ashwamedha Yajna ?
(a) Ajatashatru
(b) Ashoka
(c) Samudragupta
(d) Chandragupta
7. (c)

8 What do the painting of Ajanta depict ?
(a) Ramayana
(b) Mahabharata
(c) Jatakas
(d) panchatantra
8. (c)

9. In India, the first to put forward the theory that the earth revolves round the sun was-
(a) Aryabhatta
(b) Brahmagupta
(c) Bana
(d) Kalhana
9. (a)

10. The South Indian state which was famous for its naval power, was-
(a) Chalukyas
(b) Cholas
(c) Hoyasals
(d) Pandyas
10. (b)



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