UPSC/SSC G.K. Economy Quiz 17

1. Who of the following is Chairman of the Planning Commission if India ?
(a) Pro A.M. Khusro
(b) N.K.P.Salve
(c) M.S. Ahluwalia
(d) None of these

2. The question of full capital account convertibility of Indian Money (Rupee) was examined by the committee known as:
(a) Vaghul Committee
(b) Rangrajan Committee
(c) Tarapore Committee II
(d) Hashim Committee

3. the EXIM Bank of India was established in:
(a) 1964
(b) 1976
(c) 1980
(d) 1982

4. Devaluation usually causes the internal prices to:
(a) Fall
(b) Rise
(c) Remain unchanged
(d) None of these

5. Which from the following towns is NOT on the Golden Quadrilateral being created for the roads-infrastructure of the country ?
(a) Ajmer
(b) Ahmedabad
(c) Jabalpur
(d) Gaya

6. NABARD was established in the:
(a) Fourth Five Year Paln
(b) Fifth Five Year Plan
(c) Sixth Five Year Plan
(d) Eighth Five Year Plan


7. As the economy develops, the share of the tertiary sector in the GDP:
(a) Decreases
(b) Decreases then increase
(c) Increases
(d) Remains constant

8. The State which has the highest percentage of literate unemployed in India is:
(a) Andhra Pradesh
(b) Manipur
(c) Kerala
(d) Gujarat

9. When was the first National Forest Policy issued by the Government of India ?
(a) 1940
(b) 1942
(c) 1952
(d) 1999


10. When was decimal coinage system introduced in India ?
(a) 1947
(b) 1950
(c) 1957
(d) 1960

Answer- 1. (d) 2. (c) 3. (d) 4. (c) 5. (c) 6. (c) 7. (c) 8. (c) 9. (c) 10. (c)




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