Sahal Kaushik: Historic Victory in the IIT-JEE at Age 14

In 2010, Sahal Kaushik made history by acing the IIT-JEE exam at just 14, securing an impressive All India Rank of 33. Hailing from Delhi, he embarked on an extraordinary academic journey, pushing the boundaries of conventional learning. His insatiable thirst for knowledge led him to enroll in IIT Kanpur’s integrated MSc (Physics) program, where he continued to excel.

Youngest PhD Scholar in the U.S.

He showcased his strong academic abilities by performing exceptionally well on standardized tests like the GRE, earning an impressive score of 337 out of 340, and on the TOEFL, where he attained a score of 112 out of 120. These achievements highlighted his worldwide potential and established the basis for his academic journey on the international stage. At the age of 19, Sahal achieved another milestone, becoming the youngest PhD scholar in the United States. Sahal Kaushik pursued research on High Energy Particles at Stony Brock University, marking a significant transition in his life. This journey allowed him to break free from his introverted shell and emerge as a globally minded scholar.

Intellectual Brilliance and Diverse Interests

Sahal’s intellectual prowess extended beyond academics. Sahal Kaushik exhibited exceptional abilities from a young age, even memorizing multiplication tables up to 100. His early reading habits included H.G. Wells’ ‘Time Machine.’ His interests spanned from Star Wars games to a love for films and avidly following pop culture phenomena. Despite his achievements in engineering, Sahal aspires to pursue a B.Sc in Physics to specialize in Astro-Physics. His ambitions continue to drive his academic journey towards new horizons.

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Support from Family and Inspiration

Behind Sahal’s exceptional journey was his mother, Ruchi Kaushik, a doctor-turned-homemaker who played a pivotal role in nurturing his academic pursuits. Her unwavering support and encouragement were instrumental in shaping Sahal’s path toward greatness.

Sahal’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring scholars worldwide. It transcends age barriers and redefines the possibilities of academic excellence. His success underscores the importance of determination and support in achieving greatness.

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