RPSC/RAS G.k. Quiz 9

1. Identify the incorrect paie amongst the following relating the freedom fighters of Rajasthan with the area of their activities-
(a) Arjun lal sethi- Udaipur
(b) Jai Narayan Vyas- Jodhpur
(c) Kesari Singh Barhath- Mewar
(d) Govind Giri-Vagad

2. Which amongst the following place was not a centre of the revolution of 1857 in Rajasthan ?
(a) Ajmer
(b) Jaipur
(c) Neemuch
(d) Auwa

3. Which of the following areas were integrated at the seventh stage (1 November 1956) of the integration of Rajasthan ?
(a) Matsya Sangh
(b) Jaipur
(c) Sirohi
(d) Ajmer and Abu

4. Identify the incorrect pair about the dialects of Rajasthan and the area of their prevalence-
(a) Tonk- Dhoondhari
(b) pali- Bagadi
(c) Baran- Hadoti
(d) Karauli- Mewati

5. Who is the author of ‘Prithviraja Vijaya’ ?
(a) Chand Bardai
(b) Prithviraj Chauhan
(c) Jayanak
(d) Nayanchand Suri

6. Which category of Rajasthani Literature is related to story or narrative genre ?
(a) Vat
(b) Veli
(c) Vachanika
(d) Vigat

7. Identify the incorrect pair relating the folk dances of Rajasthan with their area of prevalence
(a) Gindar dance-Shekhawti
(b) dhol dance-Jalor
(c) Bamarasia dance-Bikaner
(d) Dandia dance- Marwar

8. What is the name of the famous folk drama of Bhils ?
(a) Gavari
(b) Swang
(c) Tamasha
(d) Rammat

9. Gopiji Bhatt is related with which folk drama style of Rajasthan ?
(a) Tamasha
(b) Swang
(c) Rammat
(d) Nautanki

10. Where is the temple of folk deity Mallinathji located ?
(a) Tilwara (Barmer)
(b) Nagala Jahaz (Bharatpur)
(c) Santhu village (Jalor)
(d) panchota village (Jalor)

Answer- 1.(a) 2.(b) 3.(d) 4.(b) 5.(c) 6.(a) 7.(c) 8.(a) 9.(a) 10.(a)

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