RPSC/RAS G.k. Quiz 8

1. Which one of the following statements is not correct ?
(a) The Khalsa land was directly under the control of ruler
(b) the jagir lands were held in hereditary
(c) The Bhomias were given land in lieu of performing were and ward duties in a village and guarding roads
(d) The charnota land was under the control of ruler

2. Which one of the following is the highest Aravalli peak ?
(a) Sajjangarh
(b) Lilagarh
(c) Kumbhalgarh
(d) Taragarh

3. In which region of Rajasthan ravines are found ?
(a) Banas Basin
(b) Mahi Basin
(c) Luni Basin
(d) Chambal Basin

4. In which region of Rajasthan Entisol group of soils are found ?
(a) Eastern
(b) Western
(c) South-Eastern
(d) Southern

5. In which districts of Rajasthan “khas” grass is grown ?
(a) Kota, Bundi and Jhalawar
(b) Dholpur, Karauli and alwar
(c) Ajmer, Bhilwara and Chillorgarh
(d) Sawai Madhopur, Bharatpur and Tonk

6. Which one of the following is not a cause of desertification in Rajasthan ?
(a) Overgrazing
(b) Deforestation
(c) Urbanization
(d) Improper soil and water management

7. The two important Beryllium producing districts of Rajasthan are-
(a) Udaipur and Jaipur
(b) Alwar and Jhunjhunu
(c) Nagour and Pali
(d) Sirohi and Dungarpur

8. Which minerals of the following is associated with the ‘Jhama-Kotra” region in Rajasthan-
(a) Lead and zine
(b) Manganese
(c) Rock Phosphate
(d) Silver

9. Desert Development Programme is being implemented in 16 districts of Rajasthan. This programme is being fonded-
(a) 100% by Govt. of India
(b) 100% by Govt. of Rajasthan
(c) In the ration of 50:50 by both the Govt.
(d) 75% by Govt. of India and 25% by Govt. of Rajastha

10. Which Rajput ruler continued his struggle fro independence against Mughals and did not surrender ?
(a) Raja Raising of Bikaner
(b) Rao Chandrasen of Marwar
(c) Raja Bharmal of Amber
(d) maharana Amar Singh fo Mewar

Answer- 1.(d) 2.(c) 3.(d) 4.(b) 5.(d) 6.(c) 7.(a) 8.(c) 9.(d) 10.(b)

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