Rpsc/Ras G.k. Quiz 4

1. Who amongst these was not a Chairperson of Rajasthan State Human Right Commission ?
(a) Justice Prem Chand Jain
(b) Justice N.K. Jain
(c) Justice S.Sageer Ahmed
(d) Justice Kanta Bhatnagar

2. In the first general elections to state Assembly of Rajasthan, the Political Party which secured second highest number of seats after Congress was.
(a) Hindu Mahasabha
(b) Bharatiya jansangh
(c) Ramarajya Parishad
(d) Kisan Majdoor Praja Party

3. In which years was the office of Divisional Commissioner abolished and revived thereafter ?
(a) Abolished in 1962 and revived in 1987
(b) Abolished in 1962 and revived in 1971
(c) Abolished in 1959 and revived in 1987
(d) Abolished in 1966 and revived in 1973

4. For how many times President Rule was promulgated in Rajasthan ?
(a) 2
(b) 6
(c) 4
(d) 7

5. Who amongst the following was the first Chief Secretary of Rajasthan ?
(a) Shri S.W. Shiveshkar
(b) Shri B.G. Rao
(c) Shri V. Narayan
(d) Shri K. Radha Krishnan

6. Direct Cash Transfer Scheme of Kerosene on Pilot Basis in Rajasthan started from
(a) Kishangarh Tehsil
(b) Kotputli Tehsil
(c) Kotkasim Tehsil
(d) Kotra Tehsil

7. Which District is not covered under National Bamboo Mission ?
(a) Bhilwara
(b) Jalore
(c) Banswara
(d) Karauli

8. Which one of following Goddess Temples is situated in Sambhar Lake ?
(a) Kunjal Mata
(b) Shila Devi
(c) Bawan Devi
(d) Shakumbhri Devi

9. The most important officer after the ruler in the kingdoms of medieval Rajasthan was known as
(a) Pradhan
(b) Mahamatya
(c) Mukhya mantra
(d) Sandhivigrhik

10. Who was appointed as the Chief Minister of the United Rajasthan which was formed on 25th March, 1948 ?
(a) Heera Lal shastri
(b) Jai Narayan Vyas
(c) Gokul Lal Asava
(d) Gokul Bhai Bhatt

Answer- 1.(a) 2.(c) 3.(a) 4.(c) 5.(d) 6.(c) 7.(b) 8.(d) 9.(a) 10.(c)

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