RPSC/RAS G.k. Quiz 39

1. In which district of Rajasthan, the State Government organizes teh highest number of cattle fairs ?
(a) Barmer
(b) Bikaner
(c) Ajmer
(d) Nagaur

2. The longest river which flows entirely in Rajasthan state is:
(a) Chambal
(b) Luni
(c) Banas
(d) Mahi

3. The most important cause of forest degradation is Rajasthan is
(a) Climatic changes
(b) Felling of trees for timber
(c) Feeling of trees for fuelwood
(d) Cattle grazing

4. The most important resources of lignite in Rajasthan are located at
(a) Palana, Agucha and Merta
(b) Palana, Kapurdi and Sonu
(c) Kapurdi, Merta and Sonu
(d) Kapurdi, Merta and Palana

5. The highest percentage of livestock animals in Rajasthan is that of-
(a) Goats
(b) Sheep
(c) Cattle
(d) Camel

6. Sambhar Lake produces the following share of total salt production in India
(a) 8.7%
(b) 19.2%
(c) 31.3%
(d) 41.7%

7. Mahi-Bajaj Sagar project covers the following area:
(a) Only Rajasthan
(b) Rajasthan and Gujarat
(c) Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra
(d) Rajasthan and M.P.

8. Which is the mineral stone that fetches maximum total sale value in Rajasthan ?
(a) Masonery stone
(b) Lime stone
(c) Sand stone
(d) Marble

9. Which is the most important objective of the State policy of Land Reforms in Rajasthan ?
(a) To increase agricultural produce i the state
(b) To improve infrastructure for better quality of life
(c) to alleviate poverty from rural areas
(d) to eliminate all elements of exploitation and social injustice

10. Name of school painting in which stress is given on birds and animals.
(a) Bundi school
(b) Kishangarh school
(c) nathadwara school
(d) Alwar school

Answer- 1.(d) 2.(b) 3.(a) 4.(b) 5.(a) 6.(a) 7.(b) 8.(d) 9.(a) 10.(a)

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