RPSC/RAS G.k. Quiz 35

1. The dance-dramas ‘Surdas and ‘Shankariya’ are associated with which professional caste
(a) Paatar
(b) Nat
(c) Bhand
(d) Bhawai

2. According to insecriptions who was worshipped as the premier God between 8th-12th century in Rajasthan
(a) Shiv
(b) Vishnu
(c) Brahma
(d) Surya

3. Which deity is worshipped when a camel falls sick in Rajasthan
(a) Gogaji
(b) Tejaji
(c) pabuji
(d) Kesaria Kunwar

4. The famous ‘Theva’ art of engraving is associated with
(a) Bikaner
(b) Jaipur
(c) Banswara
(d) Pratapgarh

5. Which tribal-god is worshipped because he laid down his life for liberating cows of the Gujars from Mers
(a) Gogaji
(b) Tejaji
(c) Pabuji
(d) Mellinathji

6. The feast ‘Badhar’ is held on occasion of
(a) Marraige
(b) Childbirth
(c) Death
(d) Holy Pilgrimage

7. The district having the highest percentage of variability in the annual rain-fall is
(a) Barmer
(b) Jaipur
(c) Jaisalmer
(d) Banswara

8. Which according to Saint Pipa, was the main means of attaining salvation(Moksha) ?
(a) Idol worship
(b) Bhakti
(c) Meditation (Tapasaya)
(d) Yagya

9. The basic cause for frequent drought and famines in Rajasthan is
(a) Extension of Aravallis from S.W. to N.E.
(b) Irregular, insufficient and erratic rainfall
(c) Degradation of soil and forests
(d) Irrational and unscientific use of water

10. The main objective of Aravalli Development Project is to
(a) Control soil-degradation
(b) Check the expansion of Thar-Desert
(c) arrest deforestation
(d) restore ecological stability

Answer- 1.(d) 2.(a) 3.(c) 4.(d) 5.(b) 6.(a) 7.(d) 8.(b) 9.(b) 10.(d)

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