RPSC/RAS G.k. Quiz 32

1. What is the colour of ladies odhani ‘Pomcha’ ?
(a) Red
(b) Green
(c) Yellow
(d) Saffron

2. In which state was Panchayat Raj first introduced ?
(a) Gujrat
(b) Rajasthan
(c) Bihar
(d) Andhra Rradesh

3. Name the school of painting stressing ‘birds and animals’
(a) Bundi School
(b) Kishangarh School
(c) Nathdwara School
(d) Alwar School

4. How ‘Runeja fair’ of Rajasthan contributes towards contented society ?
(a) Reminds God Continuously
(b) Pomotes communal harmony
(c) Teaches to speak the truth
(d) Encourages pious living

5. Aakal Woods Fossil Park is part of
(a) Desert National Park
(b) Machia Safari Park
(c) Vanvihar Sanctuary
(d) Gajner Sanctuary

6. The solution of the problem on soil salinity and alkalinity is
(a) Dry Farming Method
(b) Use of gypsum in the field
(c) Afforestation
(d) Contour Cultivation

7. MAWAT in Rajasthan is associated with
(a) Western depression
(b) South-Western Monsoon
(c) Cyclones of the Bay of Bengal
(d) North-East Monsoon

8. Which one of the following conditions existing in INDIA prevails most in Rajasthan
(a) Extremes in air-temperature
(b) Low relative humidity
(c) Very high variability in rainfall
(d) Long duration of sun-shine

9. The districts most suited to the plantation of Teak Wood are
(a) Bharatpur and Alwar
(b) Sriganganagar and Bikaner
(c) Jalore and Sirohi
(d) Banswara and Udaipur

10. Central Camel Breeding farm is situated at
(a) Kolayat
(b) Jorbir
(c) Suratgarh
(d) Ramgarh

Answer- 1.(c) 2.(b) 3.(a) 4.(b) 5.(a) 6.(b) 7.(a) 8.(c) 9.(d) 10.(b)

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