Rpsc/Ras G.k. Quiz 3

1. When was Rajasthan information Commission constituted ?
(a) April 18, 2008
(b) April 18, 2006
(c) April 18, 2007
(d) April 18, 2005

2. ‘Naya Savera’ is
(a) A programme to de-addict all the doda post users
(b) A programme to de-addict all the tobacco users
(c) A programme to de-addict all the wine users
(d) All of these

3. Mukhya mantri Nishulk Dave yojana in Rajasthan was launched on
(a) 2nd September, 2011
(b) 2nd September, 2010
(c) 2nd October, 2011
(d) 2nd October, 2010

4. Name the scheme being implemented in Rajasthan under which cash incentive is Given to SC/ST/SBC/BPL of OBC &GEN candidate selected in the ALL India Civil Services Examination, the State Civil Services Examination and a candidate getting admission in IITs, IIMs and National Level Medical Colleges.
(a) Anuprati Yojana
(b) Scholarship scheme
(c) Merit-cum-Means Scheme
(d) Upper Merit Scholarship

5. Nodal Agency for generation of energy from non-conventional energy sources in Rajasthan is
(a) Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Ltd.
(b) State Ministry of New Renewable Energy
(c) Centre for New and Renewable Energy Sources
(d) None of these

6. How many District Industries Centres are working in Rajasthan ?
(a) 36
(b) 33
(c) 31
(d) 29

7. Ones of the following is not the objective of Chief Minister’s Shubh Laxmi Yojana in Rajasthan
(a) To promote the birth of girl child
(b) To prevent child marriage
(c) To encourage registration of gril child birth
(d) To help pregnant girls

8. Rajasthan is the first state to implement which one of the following Act to redress public grievances ?
(a) Transparency in public procurement act
(b) Guaranteed Delivery of public services act
(c) Good Governance act
(d) Right to hearing act

9. Government of Rajasthan has set-up Jeevan Dhara Bank in collaboration with Norwegian Government to provide
(a) Blood for Cancer patients
(b) Water for Desert areas
(c) Insurance to old persons
(d) Mother’s Milk to Indants

10. The sentence incorporated in the ‘Logo’ of Rajasthan tourism is
(a) Rangilo Rajasthan
(b) Jane Kya Dikh Jaye
(c) Rajasthan Ro Dil Dekho
(d) Darshniya Rajasthan

Answer- 1.(b) 2.(d) 3.(c) 4.(a) 5.(a) 6.(a) 7.(d) 8.(d) 9.(d) 10.(b)

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