RPSC/RAS G.k. Quiz 29

1. Which one of the following crops in Rajasthan is grown for improving the soil fertility-
(a) Wheat
(b) Rice
(c) Urd
(d) Sugar Cane

2. White-cement in Rajasthan is produced at-
(a) Beawar
(b) Gotan
(c) Nimbahera
(d) Chittorgarh

3. The second highest peak of Aravali Range is
(a) Kumbhalgarh
(b) Nag Pahar
(c) Ser
(d) Achalgarh

4. Which of the following pairs is correct ?
(a) Banganga-Banas
(b) Kothari-Luni
(c) Sukri-Chambal
(d) Jakham-Mahi

5. The soil of Hadoti-Plateau is
(a) Alluvial
(b) Red
(c) Brown
(d) Medium black

6. The main cause for the occurrence of frequent drought and famines in Rajasthan is
(a) Degradation of forests
(b) Irrational use of water
(c) Erratic Rainfall
(d) Soil erosion

7. The famous cow-breeds for the production of milk are
(a) Tharparkar and Rathi
(b) Rathi and Nagori
(c) Malwi and Tharparkar
(d) Mewati and Malvi

8. National Mustard Research Centre is situated at
(a) Alwar
(b) Nagour
(c) Sewar
(d) Behror

9. Som Kamla Amba Irrigation Project is situated in the District of
(a) Dungarpur
(b) Banswara
(c) Udaipur
(d) Chittor

10.The two Districts of Rajasthan where there is no river
(a) Jaisalmer and Barmer
(b) Jaisalmer and Jalore
(c) Bikaner and Churu
(d) Jodhpur and Jaisalmer

Answer- 1.(c) 2.(b) 3.(c) 4.(d) 5.(d) 6.(c) 7.(a) 8.(c) 9.(a) 10.(c)

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