RPSC/RAS G.k. Quiz 26

1. Madho Sagar Dam is situated in the district of:
(a) Dausa
(b) Jaipur
(c) Alwar
(d) Bharatpur

2. SEMFEX scheme has been introduced by:
(b) RFC

3. Hindustan Sambhar Salts is run by:
(a) Central Government
(b) State Government
(c) Cooperative Society
(d) Private Sector

4. The district of Rajasthan which gets maximum irrigation facility from
Bhakra Nangal Dam, is:
(a) Ganganagar
(b) Hanuman Garh
(c) Churu
(d) Bikaner

5. The correct group of centres of sugar industry in Rajasthan is:
(a) Kota-Tonk-Bhilwara
(b) Udaipur-Tonk-Bhilwara
(c) Keshoraipatan-Sri Ganganagar-Bikaner
(d) Sri Ganganagar-Bhopal Sagar-Keshoraipatan

6. The smallest inter-state boundary of Rajasthan is with the state of:
(a) Gujarat
(b) M.P.
(c) Haryana
(d) Punjab

7. In Rajasthan maximum forest area is in:
(a) udaipur and Rajsamand districts
(b) Kota and Baran districts
(c) Chittorgrh district
(d) Sawai Madhopur and Karauli districts

8. In Rajasthan, maximum area of waste land is found in the district of:
(a) Jalore
(b) Barmer
(c) Pali
(d) jaisalmer

9. Which one of the following vegetation types in not found in Rajasthan-
(a) Tropical dry
(b) Tropical thorn
(c) Tropical desert
(d) Tropical moist deciduous

10. Which of the following industrial enterprises is not of Government of Rajasthan ?
(a) The Ganganagar Sugar Mills Ltd.
(b) Rajasthan State Chemical Works, Deedwana
(c) State Woolen Mills Bikaner
(d) Modern Food Industries (India) Ltd.

Answer- 1.(a) 2.(b) 3.(a) 4.(a) 5.(d) 6.(d) 7.(a) 8.(d) 9.(d) 10.(d)

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