RPSC/RAS G.k. Quiz 20

1. The area of the state of Rajasthan is above :
(a) 2.8 lakh square km.
(b) 3.4 lakh square km.
(c) 4.5 lakh square km.
(d) 5.7 lakh square km.

2. What fraction of Rajasthan’s land area is desert ?
(a) About one-fourth
(b) About one-third
(c) About half
(d) About two-third

3. For which of the following minerals does Rajasthan has a monopoly in the country ?
(a) Lead-Zine
(b) Mica
(c) Manganese
(d) Copper

4. In which region of Rajasthan is copper mined ?
(a) Bhilwara
(b) Nagor
(c) Khetri
(d) Neemla

5. In which region of Rajasthan will you find Teak forests ?
(a) Central
(b) Southern
(c) North-Eastern
(d) North-Western

6. Which of the following rivers supplies maximum water to Rajasthan ?
(a) Chambal
(b) Banas
(c) Mahi
(d) Sabarmati

7. In which of the following cities in Rajasthan is its atomic power plant situated ?
(a) Udaipur
(b) Kota
(c) Banswara
(d) Alwar


8. In which district of Rajsathan large reserves of natural gas have been discovered ?
(a) Jaisalmer
(b) Dholpur
(c) Banswara
(d) Bikaner

9. Rajasthan is the single largest producer in the country of:
(a) Barley
(b) Maize
(c) Gram
(d) Millet

10. Which of the following cities is the biggest producer of cement in Rajasthan ?
(a) Jodhpur
(b) Jaipur
(c) Chittorgarh
(d) Nagor

Answer- 1.(b) 2.(d) 3.(a) 4.(c) 5.(b) 6.(a) 7.(b) 8.(a) 9.(d) 10.(c)

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