RPSC/RAS G.k. Quiz 17

1. What was “Talwar bandhai” ?
(a) A fixed amount levied by the State at the time of succession of a new Jagirdar
(b) The rituals performed for the welfare of a warrior before going for a war
(c) Honour of the military commander at the time of victory
(d) To give armaments to a new soldier

2. Which pair is incorrect ?
(a) Ghaggar- ‘Nali’
(b) Sevan Grass- Alwar
(c) Marble- Nagaur
(d) Malwa Flood- Barmer

3. Power Pack Project is related with:
(a) Electrification with solar energy in teh remote rural areas
(b) packing of export goods with automatic machined
(c) Packed process of production of cement
(d) Preparation of packing goods with power

4. In Rajasthan, Rajputana mahila Nagrik Cooperative Bank started functioning in the city and on the date:
(a) Jaipur : 30 August 1995
(b) Udaipur : 28 June 1993
(c) Kota : 1 April 1990
(d) Jodhpur : 15 August 2000

5. According to Hindu Calendar, in which month the Festival of Chhoti Teej is celebrated ?
(a) Chaitra
(b) Shravan
(c) Bhadrapad
(d) Kartik

6. The author of ‘Bikaner ke Rathoran Ri Khyat’ was :
(a) Dayaldas
(b) Shyamaldas
(c) Suryamal Mishran
(d) Nainnsi

7. Leta, Mangrol and Salawas in Rajasthan are known for:
(a) Weaving of cloth items
(b) Printing of cloth items
(c) Manufacturing of leather ladies-footwear
(d) Manufacturing of wood toys

8. Ajrakh Print is associated with:
(a) Balotara
(b) Pali
(c) Bagru
(d) Barmer

9. The famous saint of medieval Mewat was:
(a) Charandas
(b) Laldas
(c) hariramdas
(d) Sunderdas

10.The Chinese traveller who visited Bhinmal was:
(a) Fahien
(b) Sangyun
(c) Hieun Tsang
(d) Itsing

Answer- 1.(a) 2.(b) 3.(a) 4.(a) 5.(b) 6.(a) 7.(a) 8.(d) 9.(b) 10.(c)

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