RPSC/RAS G.k. Quiz 14

1. Inscription which throw light on the writings of maharana Kumbha is-
(a) Kumbhalgarh inscription (1460 A.D.)
(b) Kirtistambha Prashasti (1460 A.D.)
(c) jagannath Rai inscription (1653 A.D.)
(d) Raj Prashasti (1676 A.D.)

2. Which district in Rajasthan grows, in largest quantity, psyllium busk (plantoovata)
or ‘Isabgol’ ?
(a) Jhalawar
(b) Jalore
(c) Sirohi
(d) Bundi

3. Who launched the ‘Lasodia Movement’ for social reforms amongst the Bhils of Mewar,
Bagar and nearly region ?
(a) Mavji
(b) Govind Giri
(c) Surmal Das
(d) Moti Lal Tejawat

4. Which tree is called the ‘Flame of the Forest in Rajasthan’ ?
(a) Khejri
(b) Neem
(c) Palas
(d) Paras Peepul

5. Which city is known as ‘Suncity’ in Rajasthan ?
(a) Jodhpur
(b) udaipur
(c) Bikaner
(d) Jaisalmer

6. Which mineral is found in Nathra-ki-Pal area of Rajasthan ?
(a) Iron ore
(b) Copper
(c) Lead and Zine
(d) manganese

7. Which district has the least population density in Rajasthan ?
(a) Bikaner
(b) Jodhpur
(c) Barmer
(d) Jaisalmer

8. In which year was the Desert development programme started in Rajasthan ?
(a) 1960-61
(b) 1977-78
(c) 1982-83
(d) 1994-95

9. Which of the following pair is matching ?
(a) Badla (Water-bottle) -Jaipur
(b) Masuria Sari – Kota
(c) Namda – Jodhpur
(d) Marble Carving – Tonk

10. Under whose Command Marwari forces were sent to Khanwa to support Sanga against Babur ?
(a) Rao Ganga
(b) Maldeo
(c) Biram Deo
(d) Suja

Answer- 1.(b) 2.(b) 3.(c) 4.(c) 5.(a) 6.(a) 7.(d) 8.(b) 9.(b) 10.(b)

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