Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch

Queen of United Kingdom,Queen Elizabeth II was born on 2 June 1926 in Mayfair, London. Elizabeth’s father’s name was the Duke of Ark, who later became known as George VI. Queen Elizabeth’s real name was Alexandra Marie

Early life

Queen Elizabeth II was born on 2 June 1926 in Mayfair, London. Elizabeth’s father’s name was the Duke of Ark, who later became known as George VI. Queen Elizabeth’s real name was Alexandra Marie, her mother’s name was Angela Margaret, who changed her name to Queen Elizabeth as soon as she became queen. This was the reason that when his daughter Alexander Mary became Queen, she was named Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth also has a younger sister named Margaret. Based on “The Little Princess,” a 1950 biography on Elizabeth and her sister, Queen Elizabeth Never went to school. To teach them, the best teachers from all over the country and abroad were called to the palace and the teachers used to teach the queen by sitting alone at home.


Queen Elizabeth II ruled the throne of Britain for 70 years, but the age of her love was much older. Elizabeth and her husband Philip maintained a marriage relationship for 74 years. Elizabeth was just 13 when she first saw Prince Philip, Prince of Greece and Denmark. At that time Philip was 18 years old.

This meeting took place at the Royal Naval College in London, where Elizabeth had gone with her mother. Philip was then working hard to make a career in the Royal Navy. It was love at first sight. Elizabeth was in awe of Philip when she saw him. Elizabeth II married Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in 1947. Prince Philip was born in 1921 and served in the British Royal Navy in World War II.

He retired from his royal duties in 2017 and died in 2021. They had four children: Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. Now their eldest son Charles (age 73) has automatically become King of Britain.

Reign of Queen Elizabeth II

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place on 2 June 1953 at Westminster Abbey in London. Elizabeth II assumed the throne at the age of 25 after the death of her father, George VI, on 6 February 1952. Soon after she was declared queen by her Privy and Executive Councils.

Coronations were held more than a year later because of the tradition of allowing a reasonable length of time to pass after the death of a king before holding such ceremonies.

It also gave the planning committees enough time to prepare for the ceremony. During the service, Elizabeth was sworn in, anointed with holy oil, vested with robes and regalia, and crowned Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

Worked with 15 Prime Ministers

Queen Elizabeth II served with 15 prime ministers during her reign, from Winston Churchill born in 1874 to Liz Truss.

Winston Churchill (1951-1955)

Churchill was the country’s prime minister when Elizabeth II’s father died in 1952.

Anthony Eden (1955-1957)

Anthony Eden became the Prime Minister of Britain, succeeding Winston Churchill.

Harold Macmillan (1957-1963)

Harold Macmillan takes over Britain after Anthony Eden.

Alec Douglas Home (1963-1964)

After this the post of Prime Minister of Britain came to Alec Douglas. Home. He was also a family friend of Queen Elizabeth II but he was Prime Minister of Britain for only one year.

Harold Wilson (1964-1970) and then (1974- 1976)

He was the first Prime Minister of the Labor Party during the tenure of Queen Elizabeth II.

Edward Heath (1970-1974)

Under Edward, leader of the Conservative Party, Britain joined the European Economic Community, now known as the European Union.

James Callegan (1976-1979)

In the year 1976, James became the Prime Minister of Britain, at that time the country was going through an economic recession and Britain’s differences with many unions came to the fore.

Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990)

Margaret was Britain’s first female prime minister. She was the longest-serving prime minister of Britain, but the bitterness of the relationship between Margaret and Queen Elizabeth II was not hidden from anyone.

John Major (1990-1997)

John Major took over as Prime Minister after Thatcher stepped down.

Tony Blair (1997-2007)

Tony Blair was Britain’s first prime minister, born during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Gordon Brown (2007=2010)

After this, Gordon Bowen took over the reins of the Prime Minister of Britain.

David Cameron (2010-2016)

David Cameron holds the record for becoming the youngest prime minister during Queen Elizabeth II’s tenure, having attended Heatherdown School along with Prince Edward, the son of Queen Elizabeth II.

Theresa May (2016-2019)

Theresa was the second female Prime Minister of Britain. She was the Prime Minister of Britain for only three years.

Boris Johnson (2019-2022)

Boris Johnson became the Prime Minister of Britain in the year 2019. He finally resigned from the post in July 2022 following the successive resignations from his cabinet due to the outbreak of Kovid 19 during Boris Johnson’s tenure and the scandals during this period.

 Liz Truss (May 2022-20 October 2022)

Liz Truss has recently been elected the new Prime Minister of Britain. She is the third female Prime Minister of the country.

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