Pearl Kapur: Founder of Zyber 365 cyber security based startup

Pearl Kapur is the visionary founder and CEO of Zyber 365, a groundbreaking Web3 cyber security startup. Within an astonishing three months of its establishment in May 2023, the company achieved unicorn status, a testament to Kapur’s exceptional leadership and innovative approach to cyber security. With a profound expertise in the field, Pearl Kapur co-founded Zyber 365 alongside ethical hacker Sunny Vaghela, who serves as the Chief Product Officer (CPO). His dedication to creating cutting-edge technology and his role in developing the Web3 OS highlight his prowess as a tech entrepreneur.

Rapid Growth and Significant Investment

The success of Zyber 365 has been nothing short of remarkable. Recently, the company secured a substantial investment of $100 million from the UK-based SRAM and MRAM Group. This remarkable infusion of funds has catapulted Xyber 365’s valuation to an impressive $1.2 billion (Rs 9840 crore), solidifying its position as a major player in the cyber security industry. Kapur’s ability to attract such significant investments underscores the confidence that investors have in his vision and the potential of the company.

A Journey of Diverse Experiences

Pearl Kapur’s journey to success has been paved with diverse experiences and professional accomplishments. Before embarking on his venture with Zyber 365, he worked as a financial advisor for AMPM Store Company, gaining valuable insights into the world of finance and business. Subsequently, he served as a business advisor for Antier Solutions, further honing his strategic acumen. Notably, in February 2022, Kapur founded Billion Pay Technologies, laying the foundation for his future ventures in the cybersecurity domain.

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India: The Future Operational Hub

Headquartered in London, Zyber 365 operates from India, a strategic choice made by Kapur with a visionary outlook. He envisions making India the operational hub of the company in the future. Kapur’s belief in India’s potential as a prominent center for cyber operations reflects his commitment to global expansion and harnessing the country’s technological talent. By leveraging exponential technologies like blockchain, AI, and cyber security in tandem with sustainable practices, Kapur aims to empower people and contribute to the creation of a new era – Globalization 3.0.

Pearl Kapur’s journey as an entrepreneur and leader in the cyber security realm is marked by bold decisions, rapid growth, and a commitment to innovation. With his sights set on transforming India into a cyber powerhouse, Kapur continues to shape the landscape of cybersecurity and Web3 technologies with his visionary approach

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