Pallavi Mishra: Rising from Bhopal to UPSC’s Top 100

The Union Public Service Commission announced the Civil Services Exam 2022 results, highlighting Pallavi Mishra’s impressive 73rd rank. Hailing from Bhopal, Pallavi Mishra the younger daughter of Advocate Ajay Mishra and Prof. Dr. Renu Mishra. Her elder brother, Aditya Mishra, is an IPS officer, currently serving as the DCP in Indore.

Pallavi’s inspiring success came on her second attempt, achieved without formal coaching. Her remarkable achievement not only fills her family with pride but also brings pride to the entire state of Bhopal.

Early Life and Education

Pallavi Mishra, who recently secured an impressive 73rd rank in the UPSC examination, has an inspiring journey rooted in her upbringing and education. She completed her schooling at Carmel Convent Senior Secondary School in Bhopal. As a resident of Arera Colony, Bhopal, Pallavi comes from a family with a strong academic and legal background. Her father, Ajay Mishra, is a senior advocate.  Her mother, Dr. Renu Mishra, holds a professorial position at Sai College. Pallavi, the second of two children, also has an accomplished elder brother named Aditya Mishra, who currently serves as an IPS officer holding the position of Deputy Commissioner of Police (DSP) in Indore.

Self-Motivated Preparation

Pallavi’s determination and approach to her UPSC preparation highlight her self-motivation and disciplined study routine. Notably, she opted not to take formal coaching, relying on self-study instead. Her unique strategy included dedicating one day a week to refresh her mind, allowing her to give her best in studies. Her advice to aspiring UPSC candidates emphasizes the importance of both hard work and self-care during the rigorous two-year preparation period. She encourages candidates to acknowledge their weaknesses, rebuild their confidence, and approach their studies with renewed vigor.

A Passion for Law and Public Service

Pallavi’s academic background in law played a significant role in her UPSC journey. Having pursued law as her graduation degree and selecting it as her optional subject for the exam, Pallavi Mishra tackled interview questions related to law, the judiciary, and the constitution with confidence. Her dedication to public service was further fueled by her elder brother, IPS Aditya Mishra, whose own accomplishments served as a source of inspiration. Pallavi’s desire to contribute to society aligned perfectly with her goal of clearing the UPSC examination.

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Resilience in the Face of Challenges

Pallavi’s journey to success was not without its share of challenges. The initial stages of her preparation coincided with the first lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Undeterred, she utilized this time to kick-start her preparation journey. Amidst the pandemic’s adversities, her family battled the virus, and Pallavi herself fell ill. Her resilience, along with the unwavering support of her family, helped her navigate through these testing times.

Pallavi Mishra’s remarkable achievement in the UPSC examination stands as a testament to her dedication and self-motivation. Her journey exemplifies the power of determination and the pursuit of one’s aspirations against all odds.

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