Meet Top 10 Best IAS Officers Who Excelled in Public Service

In this article, We have added the profile of the top 10 Best IAS officers in India who made India proud with their extraordinary work for Society. IAS officers are the top administrative officers in the Indian government.

In this article, We have added the profile of the top 10 Best IAS officers in India who made India proud with their extraordinary work for Society. IAS officers are the top administrative officers in the Indian government. They are responsible for the smooth functioning of the government and for implementing its policies and programmes.

IAS officers serve the government in various capacities, such as district collectors, commissioners, secretaries, and ambassadors. They play a pivotal role in the development of the country.

These IAS officers are doing extraordinary work for the welfare of society.

Top 10 Best Ias Officers

IAS Armstrong Pame : The ‘Miracle Man’ of India

Armstrong Pame is the first IAS officer from the Jime tribe of Nagaland. Armstrong Pame is popular by name as ‘Miracle Man’. He has constructed a 100 km long road connecting Manipur to Nagaland and Assam. It is known as “People’s Road”. The most important thing about his achievement is that he built this road without any government help (financial). This road is built with the money given by the general public and the money raised from social media.

IAS S. R. Sankaran

Shri S. R. Sankaran is popular by name as ‘People’s IAS Officer‘. S R Sankaran was born on 22 October 1934 in Tamil Nadu. In the year 1957, he became the collector of Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. Shri S.R. retired from government service in the year 1992. He did many things during his government service. Shri S.R. was the Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

                     He became Joint Secretary, Ministry of Labor, Government of India. Apart from this, he worked on the post of Secretary in the Ministry of Rural Development.  He did important work in the nationalization of the coal industry. Apart from this, he played an important role in the abolition of bonded labor system. He also contributed in getting a special component scheme made for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. He always used to help SC and ST students with his pension money.

IAS Gopal Krishna

Gopal is the first blind collector of India. He is originally from Uttar Pradesh and his father is a common farmer. Gopal Krishna Tiwari was selected for the IAS in the year 2008 and his rank in the general category was 142 which would have been challenging even for a common man. Not only did he top this examination in the disabled category, but at the age of 28, he got this title.

                    After getting selected in UPSC, he took training from Lal Bahadur Administrative Academy, Dehradun and joined Madhya Pradesh cadre. After this his first posting took place in Bhopal as SDM. He has a strong hatred of corruption and so far he has filed cases against more than forty officials for malpractices in different government schemes.

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IAS Rajkamal Yadav

Rajkamal Yadav is a 21st rank IAS officer from the UP cadre of 2013 batch. IAS Rajkamal Yadav gave top priority to service by rejecting foreign scholarship and job and provided Ayush Kavach Kovid mobile app to the country during Corona pandemic. Due to the Corona epidemic, the second round of the lockdown which started from 15 April.

                 Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, in a meeting with the officials of the Health Department, planned to make a mobile app that could strengthen the immunity system along with creating awareness among the people. Its responsibility was entrusted to Rajkamal Yadav, director of Ayush Meehan. Together with his team, he prepared this app in 10 days. Which was launched by the Chief Minister on 5th May.

IAS Raj Yadav

He is a 2009 batch IAS officer who launched the DAV Initiative and adopted 5 villages to develop a model village under the District Administration Adult Village Initiative quat in Sikkim.

                Raj Yadav is one such IAS officer from Sikkim who changed the lives of 500 people. Raj Yadav tried to improve the condition of the village in the remote areas of Sikkim which had lack of electricity, pure drinking water in schools and many other basic problems which a common man needed but could not get. When Raj Yadav adopted these villages, he developed Sikkim’s Rog Gurgaon as a model village with only 8 months of effort, due to which condition of the village started improving.

IAS Vinod Rai

Vinod Rai is a 1972 Batch IAS officer from Kerala cadre, who started his career as the sub-collector of Thrissur District. He served the Thrissur District for 8 years and was given the nickname of second Sakthan Thampuran for his role in the development of the Thrissur City.

                However, the highlight of his career was when he filed a report through the office of CAG that charged the then UPA government of incurring a loss of 1 lakh crore rupees with the allocation of 2G spectrum. This was a major blow to the government and another reason why the anti-corruption movement in India gained momentum in the early 2010s.

IAS Durga Shakti Nagpal

Durga Shakti Nagpal started her career as an IAS officer in June 2011 in Punjab Cadre. Durga Shakti Nagpal is doing unprecedented service to the country by exposing corruption. During his tenure as an IAS officer in Punjab, he exposed the land scam in Mohali. In August 2012, she moved to the Uttar Pradesh cadre. Here he was appointed as the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Gautam Buddha Nagar.

Here he took action against ret mafia in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. He constituted a special investigation team to bring to light those involved in illegal sand mining on the banks of the Yamuna and Hindon rivers. During this drive, under his supervision, the administration succeeded in seizing 24 dumper trucks and 300 trolleys. 15 people were also arrested.

IAS TV Anupama

TV Anupama is a young IAS officer currently working as the Food Safety Commissioner in Kerala. In her stint as the Food Safety Commissioner, she has conducted multiple raids across the state on the illegal trading of adulterated food items, and has also closed down multiple such trader networks

                Following this, many more raids were carried out; they revealed that the pesticide content in some fruits and vegetables was about 300 percent more than the permissible limit. Over the course of her stint, she has seized and produced about 6,000 samples of adulterated food in front of the court. Around 750 cases have been filed in the court against traders.

IAS Hari Chandana Dasari

Hari Chandna Dasari is currently working in the Administrative Services of the Government of India. Hari Chandna worked towards cleaning the country. She did research on plastic water bottles and cold drink bottles thrown in the garbage. Through Green Revolution, Hari Chandna planted saplings in plastic bottles. Hari Chandna decorated the streets and 120 parks of Hyderabad with waste bottles.

                   Hari Chandna later got the damaged drums and tires painted and used for decorations in the park. He also built a dog park. So that there is no dirt on the roads outside.

IAS Awanish Sharan

Many people dream of becoming an IAS officers after passing the UPSC exam. Some people believe that the children who are good at studies from the very beginning are able to pass the UPSC exam, but it is not so. There are many people who got low marks in high school and intermediate exams, who surprised people by becoming IAS, IAS Avneesh Sharan is one of those people.

               Avneesh Sharan got third division in high school. He scored only 44.7% marks. Apart from this, Avneesh Sharan got 65% marks in class 12th and 60% marks in graduation. He failed 10 times in the State PCS  examination. But he never lost courage and later passed the UPSC exam in the second attempt and became an IAS.


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