Kunal bahl- Founder of India’s E-commerce Start up Snapdeal

 In today’s time, due to high competition, it is challenging to establish oneself in any field. But if a person focuses on his goal then every problem becomes easy. In today’s article, we will read the biography of Kunal Bahl, the founder and CEO of Snapdeal, who has gained special recognition in the field of e-commerce, whose visa was canceled by America 13 years ago. Today he is the owner of an e-commerce company Snapdeal and is giving jobs to thousands of people.

Family and career

Kunal Bahl was born in a middle class family on January 1, 1984 in Delhi, his father’s name is Rohit Bansal, Kunal’s father wanted to make him an engineer, Kunal worked hard for this but he did not succeed in it. He started his career with a salary of Rs.6550 in a manufacturing company. After this Kunal decided that he wanted to do business education and not engineering. Kunal applied for this in the US’s Warton School. He achieved this degree in 4 years instead of 5 years, after that he started working in Microsoft company. But due to the expiry of H1V visa in the US, he had to leave his job and come back to India.

Discount Coupon Book Company “Money Saver”

After coming back to India, he did not give up. In 2009, along with Rohit Bansal, started a discount coupon book company called ‘Money Savers’ which used to give discount coupons to people to get discounts on eating in restaurants and shopping. He got failure in his business also and the target of selling 1.5 crore coupons stopped at 53 only.

E-commerce Start up Snapdeal

Kunal started Snapdeal in 2010 along with his friend Rohit Bansal. Vani Kola, Head of Kalaari Capital, was the first investor in that company. Kunal went to China in 2011 to understand the e-commerce sector and learn more from Jack Ma, the founder of the Chinese company Alibaba. Currently Soft Bank, Foxconn, Alibaba, Blackrock, Premji Invest, Intel Capil and Ratan Tata have invested in this company.

Today this company has more than 4 lakh sellers and more than 30 million types of products. Today Kunal bahl is giving employment to many youths of the country. Kunal has become an inspiration for all those people who get disappointed after every loss and taunt their luck.

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