IAS Vikalp Bhardwaj: Inspiring Journey From B.Tech to UPSC

IAS Vikalp Bhardwaj, who comes from Baratekhdar village in Badaun district, has achieved something truly amazing. He ranked 85th in the tough Indian Civil Services exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. His success has filled his hometown with immense happiness and celebrations. To share his joy, his family shared sweets with the village.

Family’s Pride and Support

Vikalp’s uncle, Awadhesh Sharma, who works in transportation, is incredibly proud of his nephew’s achievement. He highlighted that Vikalp’s success has turned a cherished dream into reality for their entire family. Vikalp’s journey began with his schooling at Maharishi Vidya Mandir and Nightingale School. Later, he pursued higher education at IIT Delhi and completed his B.Tech degree. He then committed himself to preparing for the civil services exam and achieved remarkable success in his second attempt this year.

Believing in the Power of Intentions

Vikalp’s success story is built on his strong belief that determined intentions can overcome any challenges. He considers dedication and staying focused on goals as crucial parts of his journey. His family’s unwavering support also played a significant role. Despite reaching the interview stage in his first attempt, Vikalp persisted and fulfilled his family’s dreams by securing the 85th rank.

Celebration in Schools

Vikalp’s achievement was celebrated not just within his family but also in his schools. Dr. Rochan Rawat, the Principal of Maharishi Vidya Mandir, expressed pride in Vikalp’s accomplishments, which have positively influenced the school’s reputation. Similarly, Sarla Swaroop, the Founder of Nightingale School, highlighted how students like Vikalp serve as inspirations for their institutions.

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A Journey of Dedication

Vikalp’s journey from IIT Delhi to succeeding in the civil services exam is a testament to dedication, hard work, and determination. His unwavering belief in his goals helped him overcome challenges and secure an impressive rank. He proved that stepping out of one’s comfort zone is essential for achieving remarkable feats. Despite being assigned to the Kerala cadre, far from his home in Gujarat, Vikalp’s commitment remained strong.

Impressive Performance in UPSC Exam

Vikalp’s UPSC examination marks sheet showcases his excellent performance. He achieved impressive scores in various categories, reflecting his thorough preparation and dedication.

4 0 888 154 1042

Married to IPS Pooja Yadav

Vikalp’s personal life reached a significant milestone when he married IPS officer Pooja Yadav in 2018. They met during their training, and their relationship grew. Pooja, who serves in the Kerala cadre, is active on social media, using it to engage with the public and express her views.

Inspiration for Future Achievers

For those who aspire to follow in Vikalp’s footsteps, it’s crucial to fully understand the syllabus, take effective notes, and keep researching. Learning from accomplished individuals like IAS Vikalp Bhardwaj can provide invaluable insights and serve as a wellspring of inspiration for achieving personal goals.

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