IAS Savita Pradhan biography who suffered domestic violence

Everyone’s life is full of struggle . Some accept defeat in these adverse circumstances, while some fight against them and make a different path. Today we will talk about IAS Savita Pradhan born in a poor tribal family who is a famous person in the field of women empowerment. She had to face domestic violence in her in-laws house. Despite these obstacles, she continued her studies and became an officer by passing the UPSC exam in 2017, bearing every pain. She was once dependent on bread and today is one of the top officers of Madhya Pradesh. The life of IAS Savita Pradhan is inspirational for those who think that it is impossible to change the fate. Let us know in detail the life and career of Savita Pradhan.

Savita’s Education

Savita Pradhan belongs to a tribal family which hails from Mandi district of Madhya Pradesh. The economic condition of Savita’s family was not good. She used to walk to the school which is 07 kilometers away from the village everyday because she did not have Rs.2 for the fare. Savita was promising since childhood. She was the first girl in the village to pass 10th standard. At the age of 16-17, Savita’s family got her engaged.

Domestic violence

After marriage she Savita could not get the happiness of her in-laws’ house. Her in-laws imposed various restrictions on her. She was beaten up. She neither had the freedom to laugh nor could she sit and eat food together. During this time Savita became the mother of two children. Fed up with her in-laws, Savita tried to commit suicide and her mother-in-law did not even try to save her. After this, she left her in-laws house with her children and started studying Masters in Public Administration from Indore University.

IAS journey

Savita left her in-laws house and started working in a parlor to keep her children away from family troubles. Meanwhile, she also completed her studies and started preparing for UPSC exam. He passed the 2017 UPSC exam. After this he was posted as CMO in Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh. Savita used to take her four-month-old baby to the office.

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