IAS Nishant Jain Biography who became IAS from Hindi Medium

In today’s era, English is seen to be associated with success. People think that English medium people get quick success in UPSC exam. Today we will tell you the biography of IAS nishant jain who was a student of Hindi medium. He kept Hindi as his medium in UPSC exam. He broke the myth that only English medium people get success. His story is also inspiring for people because despite being from Hindi medium, he got All India Rank 13 in UPSC 2014.

About Nishant Jain

Nishant Jain is an administrative officer from Meerut. At present, he has been appointed as the new collector of Jalore. Earlier he was the director of Rajasthan Tourism Department. He came into limelight for organizing a grand program on Rajasthan Day. Nishanth Jain is an administrative officer as well as a writer. His books inspire a lot of youth preparing for UPSC. Nishant was very clever in studies. He used to get good marks since childhood. He got the result of being clever in studies in the 12th standard. When he got the highest marks in the whole district. Nishant was clear about his dream from the very beginning. Nishant chose Humanities subject to follow the path of UPSC.

Principal distributed Jalebi on victory

He says that when he was studying in Meerut College, his team had won a competition. Then their Principal Dr. SK Agarwal had distributed Jalebi in the entire college.

Quit the job and prepare for UPSC

After graduation, IAS Nishant jain started working as a clerk in the post office. But he could not get time to study during his job, due to which he left this job and started preparing for UPSC. When he passed the first attempt of UPSC, he started working as a translator in the Parliament. Along with the job, he started preparing for UPSC and cleared the exam in his second attempt.

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