IAS Namrata Jain: From Naxal-affected District Dantewada to Top Rank

Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh is a Naxalite affected district of India. We keep hearing the name of Dantewada regarding Naxalite attacks. Today we will know about IPS-turned-IAS Namrata Jain, a resident of Dantwada district, who secured All India Rank 12 in UPSC CSE 2018 exam. Growing up in a rural environment, Namrata Jain’s childhood was marked by poverty and numerous challenges. Amidst explosions, murders, and turmoil, continuing her studies seemed like an uphill battle. However, Namrata never lost her courage and, after becoming an IPS officer, she went on to achieve her dream of becoming an IAS. Her journey from clearing the UPSC to reaching the pinnacle of success is truly inspiring.

From Engineering to Civil Services: Namrata Jain’s Ascent

Her journey began at Nirmal Niketan School in Karli, Dantewada . After passing the 10th board examination, there was some trouble for her because his family refused to send him somewhere far away for studies. However, his mother persuaded the family and he was admitted to KPS Bhilai School. Completing her high school education, Namrata took the path of engineering, enrolling at the Bhilai Institute of Technology. However, her true ambition was to crack the prestigious UPSC exam and become an IAS officer. Despite facing disappointment in her first attempt in 2015, where she couldn’t clear the UPSC prelims, Namrata’s determination never wavered. Undeterred, she made a comeback in 2016, securing an impressive 99th rank and joining the prestigious Indian Police Service (IPS) in the Madhya Pradesh cadre. Nevertheless, her heart continued to strive for the coveted position of an IAS officer.

Namrata Jain’s Journey to IAS

Even after achieving success as an IPS officer, Namrata’s dream of becoming an IAS officer remained steadfast. Despite her duties as an IPS officer, she continued to dedicate herself to the UPSC exam preparation while undergoing rigorous training at the esteemed Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad. Her relentless hard work and dedication bore fruit in 2018 when she secured an impressive 12th rank in the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), finally realizing her long-cherished dream of becoming an IAS officer.

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Namrata Jain and Nikhil Rakhecha’s Bond

Namrata’s inspiring journey took a beautiful turn when she found love during her training period. In 2020, she tied the knot with IPS officer Nikhil Rakhecha. Their love story became a symbol of hope and determination, reflecting their shared passion for public service. Together, they embody the essence of dedication and commitment to serving the nation.

Namrata Jain’s Wisdom for Aspiring Civil Servants

According to IAS Namrata Jain, to succeed in the tough UPSC exam, you need self-confidence, patience, and consistency. She encourages aspiring candidates to believe in their abilities, maintain unwavering patience throughout their journey, and stay consistent in their studies and preparation. IAS Namrata Jain also highlights the importance of practicing writing answers and taking mock tests to prepare effectively for all stages of the exam, providing valuable insights for prospective civil servants.

Namrata Jain’s remarkable life journey serves as an enduring source of inspiration, proving that with determination, dedication, and perseverance, one can overcome even the most challenging circumstances and achieve their dreams. Her story stands as a beacon of hope, motivating countless individuals to pursue their goals and aspirations with unwavering resolve.

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