IAS Mudita Sharma: Hindi Medium Aspirants From doctor to IAS

In today’s post, we will delve into the life and introduction of IAS Mudita Sharma, a shining star from Merta town in Nagaur district, also known as Meera Nagri. Dr. Mudita Sharma achieved a remarkable feat by securing the 381st rank in the final result of UPSC 2022. She hails from a family with strong academic and religious roots, as her father is a school principal and a priest at Shricharbhuja Nath Temple. Let’s learn more about her journey.

Early Life and Education: A Proud Daughter of Meera Nagri

Mudita Sharma spent her formative years in Merta town and received her early education there. She was born in Meera Nagri, known for its historical significance. Her father, Bhagwati Lal Sharma, is a respected school principal and temple priest, while her mother is a homemaker. Among five siblings, Dr. Mudita is the third daughter. She attended the Government Girls School in Merta City, where she secured an impressive 15th position in the All Rajasthan Merit during the 10th board examination. Later, Mudita pursued MBBS and also practiced at CK Birla Hospital in Jaipur.

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From Doctor to Civil Services: Pursuing the Dream

Dr. Mudita Sharma always aspired to serve the government and contribute to the country. After practicing as a doctor for a few months, she resolved to follow her dream of joining the civil services. To achieve this goal, she headed to Delhi and underwent coaching at a reputed center for a year. Even while living in Delhi, she continued her dedicated studies. Finally, her hard work and determination paid off, and she accomplished her dream by securing a position in the prestigious IAS. Currently, Dr. Mudita resides in Delhi.

Secrets of Success: Self-Study and Vision

IAS Mudita Sharma attributes her success to self-study and a clear vision. She emphasizes the importance of giving regular tests while preparing for UPSC, as they provide insights into areas that require deeper study. Mudita’s journey has inspired many, and she is receiving widespread acclaim for her achievements. In an interview with Drishti IAS, she highlighted the significance of creating a well-structured timetable for UPSC preparation. A fixed schedule helps aspiring candidates stay focused and achieve their objectives in a timely manner. Mudita Sharma’s story serves as a motivation for all those preparing for UPSC, encouraging them to pursue their dreams with dedication and determination.

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