IAS Deshal Dan Charan, son of tea seller who got 82 rank in UPSC

Today, we’ll introduce you to IAS Deshal Dan Charan, who achieved a remarkable feat by clearing the UPSC Civil Services Examination on his first attempt without any coaching. In 2017, he astonished everyone by securing the 82nd rank in the Union Public Service Commission examination. He’s father earned a living by running a small tea stall, Despite financial hardships, Charan never allowed poverty to deter his pursuit of excellence. His story exemplifies how determination and hard work can conquer obstacles. Let’s delve deeper into his journey and learn more about this extraordinary individual.

IAS Deshal Dan Charan UPSC Inspiration

Deshal’s father, Kushal Dan, took loans to support his son’s education despite financial challenges. Deshal’s dream was to become an IAS officer, despite the lack of nearby higher education institutions. Kushal Dan owned a small farm and ran a tea-selling business to support his family of 10 members. Despite limited resources and no formal coaching, Deshal excelled academically, passing the Civil Services Examination at just 24. One of Deshal’s seven siblings served in the Indian Navy, inspiring him to pursue UPSC exams, which he successfully cleared in his first attempt. Only Deshal and one elder brother pursued education due to financial constraints, as the family’s income from farming and the tea stall was modest.

Deshal’s home lacked a good study environment and had limited finances. However, he was determined to pursue his education despite these challenges. His older brother, who served in the Indian Navy, inspired him to consider a career in the Armed Forces or Administrative Services. This inspiration led Deshal to dream of taking the UPSC exam.

Tragedy Ignites Determination

Tragically, Deshal’s brother passed away while on duty aboard the INS Sindhurakshak Submarine when Deshal was in 10th grade. This loss motivated Deshal to focus intensely on his studies. After finishing 10th grade, IAS Deshal Dan Charan moved to Kota, where he eventually graduated from IIIT Jabalpur. Despite this achievement, Deshal’s strong desire to contribute to society and follow his brother’s advice led him to pursue a career in administration.

With limited time for UPSC exam preparation, Deshal’s unwavering passion and hard work led him to move to Delhi. He passed the UPSC exam on his first attempt, securing the 82nd rank and making his family proud.

Deshal’s dedication paid off at the young age of 24, and he became an IAS officer. His brother’s influence and the support of his siblings played a significant role in his success.

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