IAS Artika Shukla: From Medical School to UPSC Topper AIR 4 Rank in 2015

IAS Artika Shukla was born on September 5, 1990, in Varanasi, India. She’s well-known for her achievements in India’s civil services. Coming from a family that values education and helping others, Artika’s story shows how hard work and determination can lead to success.

Early Academic Brilliance

Artika was a really smart student from the beginning. She went to St. John’s School and did great there, getting top grades. She secured 95% and 98% marks in class 10 and 12, respectively. After finishing school, she started studying medicine at Maulana Azad Medical College. She was doing really well and even got into the MD program at PGIMER in Chandigarh. But then, something big happened. She decided to stop her medical studies and get ready for the tough UPSC Civil Services Exam.

The Journey to UPSC Success

Artika’s big brother, Gaurav Shukla, who was already a successful IAS officer, inspired her to become one too. This was a big change in her life. In 2014, Artika decided to work hard and prepare for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) exam. She didn’t go to any coaching classes; instead, she learned from her brother. IAS Artika Shukla made a careful study plan and stuck to it. In her first try in 2015, Artika did something amazing. She got the fourth rank in the UPSC exam, which is a very high achievement. This made her one of the top civil servants in India.

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Success Strategies

Artika Shukla’s way of preparing for the UPSC exams focuses on having a well-organized study plan instead of studying for long hours. She recommends studying for around 4 to 5 hours each day while keeping up with current events. This approach can help you do well in both the preliminary and main exams. Artika Shukla’s own journey is a great example for people who want to become civil servants. Her story shows how determination, believing in yourself, and having a clear plan can lead to success in the challenging UPSC exams.

Interesting twist

Artika met IAS officer Jasmeet Singh Sandhu during training, both now thriving in the Indian Administrative Service. Her shift to the Rajasthan cadre after marrying Jasmeet highlights how dedication leads to success, even through life’s surprises.

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