Fields Medal – “Nobel Prize” of Mathematics फील्ड्स मेडल

क्या होता है फील्ड्स मेडल जिसे गणित का ‘नोबेल प्राइज’ कहा जाता है

Fields Medal

The Fields Medal is an award given in the field of mathematics. It has been given since 1936. The Fields Medal is regarded as the highest honor in mathematics and is regarded as the “Nobel Prize” of mathematics. The award was named in honor of Canadian mathematician John Charles Field. The Fields Medal is awarded every four years. There is also an age limit for receiving the Fields Medal: the recipient must be less than 40 years of age as on 1 January of the year in which the medal is to be awarded. This medal is given by the International Mathematical Union, a not-for-profit scientific organization, the work of this organization is to promote mathematics at the international level.

                                            The medal was first awarded to Finnish mathematician Lars Ahlfors and American mathematician Jesse Douglas in 1936, and has been given every four years since 1950. Manjul Bhargava is the first person of Indian origin to receive the honour. Bhargava was awarded the Fields Medal in 2014. According to the International Mathematical Union citation, he was awarded the prize “for developing powerful new methods in the geometry of numbers, which he applied to count rings of small rank and to bound the average rank of elliptic curves. Akshay Venkatesh is the second person of Indian origin to receive this award.

                                           Miriam Mirzakhani was the first woman to receive medal, who was given this award in 2014. Maryina of Ukraine is the second woman to receive this medal, who has been given this award in 2022.  Sixty people have been awarded the Fields Medal. The honour carries a physical medal of 14K gold, 63.5 mm in diameter and weighing 169 g, and with a unit price of approximately 5,500 Canadian dollar.

भारत को लेकर नासकाॅम की रिपोर्ट

Fields Medals 2022

Hugo Duminil-Copin     

For solving longstanding problems in the probabilistic theory of phase transitions in statistical physics, especially in dimensions three and four.

June Huh 

He was awarded the Fields Medal in 2022 for the linkages that he has found between algebraic geometry and combinatiorics.

Jmmes Maynard

For contributions to analytic number theory, which have led to major advances in the understanding of the structure of prime numbers and in Diophantine approximation.

Maryna Viazovska

For the proof that the Es lattice provides the densest packing of identical spheres in 8 dimensions and further contributions to related extremal problems and interpolation problems in Fourier analysis.



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