RPSC/RAS G.k. Quiz 12

1. Who was made the Raj Pramukh of united Rajasthan which came into existence on 25th March 1948 ?
(a) Maharaja of Dholpur
(b) Maharaja of Karauli
(c) Maharao of Kota
(d) maharaja of Sirohi

2. The first three universities in India (Cakcutta, Madras snd Bombay) were established
in which year ?
(a) 1857
(b) 1881
(c) 1885
(d) 1905

3. Sariska and Ramthambore are the reserves for which of the following animals ?
(a) Lion
(b) Deer
(c) Tiger
(d) Bear

4. The first cooperative society in Rajasthan was established in 1905 of:
(a) Bhinai in Ajmer district
(b) Jaola in Nagour district
(c) Gulabpura in Bhilwada district
(d) Bassi in Jaipur district

5. Dhaman, karad and Anjan are the:
(a) Varieties of Sheep in Rajasthan
(b) Varieties of caster seed of Gujarat
(c) Varieties of Grass in Rajasthan
(d) Three heros of Gawari dance

6. The highest number of state level animal fairs in Rajasthan are held in the district ?
(a) Jhalwar
(b) Nagour
(c) Narmer
(d) Hanumangadh

7. Which one amongst the following is incorrect ?
(a) In the western part of Rajasthan generally salty lakes are available
(b) Sambhar lake is the biggest salty lake in India
(c) Nakki lake is the deepest lake in Rajasthan
(d) Rajsamand lake is 64 kilometers from udaipur and it is in udaipur district

8. Mewa-nagar in Rajasthan is famous for:
(a) Jain temple fo Parshwanath
(b) Exports of dry fruits
(c) Production of cumin seed
(d) Exports of Kathputli items

9. Gang canal, is among the oldest canals was constructed by Maharaja Ganga Singhjee in:
(a) 1930
(b) 1927
(c) 1944
(d) 1932

10. Which one of the following is incorrectly matched ?
(a) Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project – Gujarat and Rajasthan
(b) Chambal Project – Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
(c) Beas Project – Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana
(d) indira Gandhi Canal Project – Rajasthan and Punjab

Answer- 1.(c) 2.(a) 3.(c) 4.(a) 5.(c) 6.(b) 7.(d) 8.(a) 9.(b) 10.(d)

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